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Mono Dual Battery 48v 15ah (11h)

Mono Dual Battery

Mono dual battery e-cargo bike is a tough and useful complement to our selection of electric mountain bikes and electric city bikes. When going home or out delivering for well-known takeaway businesses, its durable build makes it simple to travel many hours.
Running errands around town is made easy with this e-mono electric cargo bike. built around a long-tail frame made of a light aluminium alloy. The bicycle has a rear rack on which you can attach saddlebags, an optional child seat, or a big shopping box. The Sunmono Cargo Bike is one of the most flexible machines for busy families as a result. A 250w high-torque brushless electric motor powers the bicycle. This results in a maximum road speed of 25 km/h. Off-road, however, is where you may reach speeds of up to 32 km/h. Two Samsung 48v 15.5Ah batteries power the motor, giving it a range of up to 100 km in full electric mode and up to 120 km in PAS mode. A multi-function LCD and a thumb accelerator positioned on the handlebar are used to control the motor. This gives the mono cargo bike motor a 5-level pedal help, enabling the user to climb hills quickly even when the bike is fully loaded. And the bike's 180/160mm front and rear disc brakes make it simple to slow it down.

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Mono MTB 48v 13ah (8 Hours)

Battery 48v 13ah 150km range Range 8 hours ride Included: Delivery Bag, Lock, Helmet, Telephone Holder Insurance included (Condidions applied)

NCM Milano (8 Hours)

48v 13ah Battery 80km range or 8 hours ride Included: Delivery Bag, Lock, Helmet, Telephone Holder Insurance included (Condidions Applied)

NCM Venice Plus 48v 16ah (10h)

NCM Venice Plus  Battery 48v 16ah 170km Range 11 hours ride Included: Delivery Bag, Lock, Helmet, Telephone Holder Service: Full Service (Tire puncture, Brake pads, Gears etc) Insurance included (Conditions applied) Bond refundable (Conditions applied) DEPOSIT: $300 PRICE: 4 Weeks $75 (Pay 4 get extra week free) PRICE: 1 Week $100 PRICE: 1 day $40